Cat No: GR03 Release date: 2 July 2021 Label: Ghadaqan Genre: Ambient / Background Music / Minimal

Visionary Soul is Ambient and Background music. Audio for elevators, empty hallways, restrooms and fitting rooms. This hospitality based music is heard as you wait on hold for a telephone call. Also heard in a museum or restaurant. Many compositions are heard in offices, restaurants, and stores.

Robinson joined Mood Music as a composer in 2015. He on boarded with Mood Music as they made the transition from Muzak (1930). And recently reformed with the company in 2021. Robinson's arrangements are stem based layers of loops. And are simple original musical compositions. He also conducts research via several international institutions on the effects of stimuli for humans. Including psychological research relating to consumer behavior in retail environments, employee productivity, and workplace satisfaction.

Visionary Soul
PER Music Library release

Robinson also initiated an Airports series after traveling abroad in 2017 thru 2020. Including the noises, feeling and induced calm of this public space. Robinson is also a beat art producer, graphic designers and makes the artwork for all PER Music Library releases. His reputation as an artist stems from regional (Northern California) to Los Angeles and beyond. He settled on background music after several underground rap and hip-hop records. Owing the switch in genre to the direction of rap/hip-hop, personal maturity and general good fit for him.
With several International ambient, noise, and background music releases under his belt. Robinson was first introduced to the jingle world by SESAC. After scoring a commercial.

Robinson also currently fulfills his records thru Audocs (AudioDocuments) an international distribution entity under his control. His AUX Network includes inner network streaming, promotions and marketing services . Challenging the notion of artistic inability to produce, record and distribute their own releases.

All music composed and produced by William Lamont Robinson (SESAC)

Release Note: Only change in the reissue is the addition of Ghadaqan Records.