WeatPark Village, California USA, 9/10/2020

To accomodate the growing catalog of beat art and instrumental hip-hop. Audio Documents, Audocs launched Sub-Industry Recordings.

On Sep.10th 2020 PIR 38°, changed its name to Sub-Industry Recordings. Just one day shy of releasing its first record 'Advisors/Acklan Wundah Blauh EP by acklan'. PIR 38° got its start in 2017 under PER Music Library. Releasing one record, Autolect (mononauts) - Monoverse for RSD-UK 2017. Sub-Industry Records (FKA PIR 38° ) focuses on Beat art & World/Sacred music. And is home to acklan studio in Northern California.

Acklan Studio (WestPark Village, CA) is home to Sub-Industry Recordings (FKA PIR 38°), Ok Deluxe, Telet, Analogue Fringe, Tycoon, SigHas, Gentleman & Scholar and more. Dhua, Audocs label owner also spun off his own ISO label for special edition records. Both are manufactured & distributed by Audocs, Audio Documents of course.