Autolect & His Meltdown Movement ‎- Qadari (CD,VINYL,DIGITAL)

Full-Stream Courtesy Of  Audocs

PER Music Library releases Qadari on December 13th 2019.

Qadari: A PER Music Library recording from its Original Electronic Recording series (OER). Is now released in three formats: 1CD, 1LP and Digital. The albums artwork is by Hasan (FWD).

Autolect received recognition as far away as Australia, France and Japan. His first records where released in the 90's under the moniker Usephasan. Working with Los Angeles producers Amani Smith and Pomo of Blend Crafters.

Before his 00's stop-over as Autolect. He touched down in the Bay Area or Northern California. Getting finishing touches from East-Bay producer Fanatik.  By the late 00's he ventured out as Bil Basmala. In transition he made an obscure instrumental album in 2008 called Qadari (The free will album). Releasing the title as Autolect & His Meltdown Movement. Giving listeners a heads up of what was in store for the next 12 years.

"I understood what I had too do all around. Business, & production wise. My development as a producer was in good hands from LA too the Bay." ~Bil Basmala

PER Music Library re-issues the album apart of its OER Series. Including 6 fresh covers/remixes and masters of the original tracks. The CD also contains 6 of 10 unlisted original tracks from 'The Free Will album'. While the vinyl record contains only the remixes.