Audocs will launch Ghadaqan, a American independent record label, owned and operated by American producer William Lamont Robinson.

Ghadaqan, 'In Abundance' (ar.) will carry & reissue Audocs labels, artists and releases. Including sub-labels like; FKACO, 21 Fortune Hills, ISO, Sub-Industry Recordings, PER Music Library, Fringe (Analouge), Required, Eastern Department, Botica and more.

As a formal record label, a larger (parent) record label will subsidize (produce, fund & distribute) and establish Ghadaqan as a substantial and significant brand for years to come.

As a perk, Ghadaqan gets to bring along other successful artists apart of the label's roster. For the much needed marketing, and attention of course. Operating as a production company and record label, discovering new artists, and releases.

Ghadaqan plans to sign with an agency and attract a successful fellow American personal manager, record company executive, or music publisher to act as the CEO.

Ghadaqan will also produce critically acclaimed, documentaries, merchandise and literary works on subjects of a satirical, humorist and entertaining nature. Combining social commentary, wit and wisdom on record.

Robinson put the venture into proper perspective, "Ghadaqan is to be the greatest record label the United States has produced," taking post-modern media and American literature to new heights."