Cat No: GR01 Release date: 13 August 2021 Label: Ghadaqan Genre: Ambient / Background Music / Minimal

PER Music Library, and GHADAQAN Records First release. CD, Vinyl and Digital distributed by Audocs.

Edge of the woods is a primer and entry level album for listeners to tune into the library. William Lamont Robinson's musical performance never focuses on one genre or listener. But provides licensed content in the character and niche that suits his independent publishing background. As a composer and writer with SESAC since 2004, Robinson releases volumes of minimal, ambient and background music intended to affect the audience. As a behavioral researcher Robinson also conducts research via several International institutions. This includes emotional responses in humans and stimuli that elicit performance. Wether studying for a test, relaxing, having fun, or mountain climbing music listeners are one of the most highly rated performers in mankind who look for stimuli.

Robinson is currently researching responses created by humans simply as pleasure seeking in social settings, culture, and everyday life.

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Edge Of The Woods (Preview)
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