Cat No: GR096 Release date: 6 August 2021 Label: Ghadaqan Genre: Leftfield / Electronic / Hip-Hop

Bil Basmala hit 2012 fuel charged. Including the album Eastern Department, released in March of 2012. A collaborative album featuring a like-mind collective of emcees from the United States. Simply, Conscious underground hip-hop in rare form.

Recording for the album started in 2011, including singles 'Salt' feat. Mumblz Medina and Accurate feat. Mikial. Bil Basmala managed to stretch the presentation thru 2017. Using the choicest cuts  from Eastern Department to appear as Basmala Lp.

Eastern Department Lp-CD (2021)

The Bil Basmala and Eastern Department (2012) projects are soulful ambiance with layered combination of classic hip-hop drums. Featuring abstract and alternative rap lyrics. Abdullah's Quirky drums, deep baselines and intense thick atmospheric textures cover each track. The rhythm driven studio recordings are complemented by harmonious vocals and lyrics based on social commentary and individual enlightenment. Originally conceived or envisioned by Hasan as an eclectic blend, neo-visionary soul takes the electronic, chill-out or left field genre into a completely new sphere.

After leaving behind his Autolect projects, a flurry of underground hip-hop he calls Rap Club. Hasan composed a series of eclectic, non-vocal-driven compositions that would become Eastern Department. Inviting a selection of rappers with whom he had collaborated at different times over the years. Hailing from diverse social backgrounds, and geographical locations in the United States. Each vocalist/emcee offered a view that capitulated the centralizing force of Eastern Department. An artistic exchange, or fellowship without the strings attached.

Eastern Departments original-line up includes rappers, poets and B-boys. Mikial Davis, from Michigan atop the United States, brought his unmistakable cold-flow. Resembling those cold brisk Canadian winds he rocks to. Cuts like 'Accurate', 'The Griot', and 'Go' places Mikial. Showcasing the effortless freestyles unprecedented in Hip-hop history.

Eastern Department Vinyl-EP (2021)

A southern descendent by way of South Carolina and now Houston Texas. Emcee, producer and artist Mumblz Medina, is a notable addition to the Eastern Department recordings. Tracks like 'Salt', 'Just Us' and 'Awake' sets him apart. With a recognized vocal tone and blend of unusual native influences.

Additionally, rappers Baraka Blue, Umari, Bas-One and Bil Basmala himself as Autolect/Hasan Atiq round of the record.

Accurate, Salt, Offthedribble, Go, The Griot, Kareem and Hijaz are all single worthy. There has been much talk of re-issuing each as a 7-inch. Reboot featuring Accurate 12 inch was pressed as a Collectors Edition vinyl in 2021 by Audocs.

Circa. 2021

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