Cat No: GR02 Release date: 27 August 2021 Label: Ghadaqan Genre: Ambient / Background Music / Minimal

Departures & Arrivals is Ambient and Background music. The first in the Audio Series specifically including music for airports. This hospitality based music is heard as you wait for a flight. May also be heard in a museum or restaurant. Many compositions from PER Music Library are heard in offices, restaurants, and stores.

Pulling from a series of previously released music, Departures & Arrivals sets the tone for the Airport series. A  journey through layered production and low-fi soundbeds from William Lamont Robinson (SESAC). The album reaches out through a cloudy crowd of simple loops and stems.

As for PER Music Library – William Lamont Robinson's licensing component to his catalog – he has been a rapper, producer, promoter, group member, supporting admin. To all this Hasan usually say's, Indeed … my dude. I make music.

Departures & Arrivals collects 9-tracks made by William Lamont Robinson and PER Music Library over a roughly 10-year period. A few were released on other PER Music Library releases.

Departures & Arrivals
PER Music Library release