Audocs, Audio Documents to launch Audi0FILE ℠

Aimed at Synchronizing its catalog across its AUX Network and beyond. Audocs initiated headway into media publishing administration, with its latest software addition. Encapsulating the Audocs workflow and more, Audi0FILE ℠ moves assets server to server. As well encodes assets with various 3rd party services.

  • Gracenote: Content Registration
  • Nielson suite: BDS Encoding, Digital or Physical, incl. ISRC & UPC, Soundscan Title Registration, ISRC, UPC
  • Mediabase: Mediabase Encoding & Registration, Digital or Physical
  • Allmusic: Product Registration and submission
  • SoundExchange: Broadcast Tracking & Reports
  • MB Ultimate Sales: Uk Charts Reg
  • AudibleMagic (AM): Exclusive client recognition & protection
  • Musicbrainz: prep and insertion
  • & More....

Audocs, a metadata driven company continues to build & tool software to enhance delivery. Music Manufacturing of Vinyl, on-demand to short run (12 inch only). And CD/DVD, on-demand to short run. Its fulfillment service of vinyl and CD has a proven track record. Including B2C-Business to customer and B2B-Business to business & B2C-Business to customer. With global deliveries from London to Tokyo.

Audi0FILE ℠ now augments the process, artists & labels can release new or reissued records. From upload to encoding & delivery, Audi0FILE ℠ is the front-door into the Audocs system.

How It Works!

Artists & Labels submit assets. Whether Audio or Merch. Audi0FILE ℠ can remaster audio files in 432au, or 96k, iTunes compliant audio. Next, Audi0FILE ℠, inputs all metadata, including publishing splits and custom ISRC codes. Now, Audi0FILE ℠ encodes the music to wav, aiff and mp3 and prepares the files for delivery.

  • Digital Mastering, 432au & Apple Digital Masters (24 bit iTunes wav files).
  • DDP (CD Replication File) file for customers who want to manufacture their own records.


Deliveries can range from encoding services, streaming services, digital retail accounts to manufacturing. File and metadata integrity allows Audi0FILE ℠ to deliver to customer supplied accounts.


  • Catalog Administration: Metadata Encoding, Zip packaging, Server to Server Delivery
  • Sample Clearance: Harry Fox Agency (Ny, Ny)

Also, customers can opt-in to several in-house features. including JAMi Radio & Blog Promotions to over 3000 Radio Contacts (Radio & Blog). DNLD Gratis Delivery & Digital Asset Fulfillment. DNLD is a 'ROBUST' Merchandise and gratis delivery service for loyal customers.

The caveat is Audocs streaming database and on-demand vinyl & cd fulfillment. Making album launches and reissues simple.


Audi0FILE ℠ pricing structure is for SMB (small to medium businesses). Corporations will face a price increase for each record. Ep's and Albums remastered or encoded by Audi0FILE ℠ include a full retail copy on Cd & Vinyl. Artists & Labels must opt-in to fulfillment for record distribution at the Audocs shop. On-demand fulfillment includes the cost to print per record, and a 85/15 split after costs in favor of the vendor for each record sold, plus shipping costs. Audocs also throws in digital distribution free to most major digital retail. With a 90/10 split in favor of the vendor.


  • Singles (1-3 songs) 25 USD (CD Single, Encoding, Streaming & Digital)
  • Ep's (6 track max) $75 USD (Vinyl, CD, Encoding, Streaming & Digital)
  • Albums (7-15 tracks) $125 USD ((Vinyl, CD, Encoding, Streaming & Digital)

Special artists and label subscriptions rates will be available at sign-up

The Future is here

Audi0FILE ℠ is also driving Audocs X925 radio launch in 2021. With special interest shows of various genres. Including Audocs distributed albums and singles. Focusing on its AUX network and streaming database to pull from. Audi0FILE ℠ allows artists and labels to reissue back-catalog and new material. Low costs per physical record, allows music to be fuel injected into the market. No huge overhead or storage fee's for un-sold vinyl or cd's. Qualify all recordings for broadcast, database and publishing collection.

With Audi0FILE ℠, Audocs (Audio Documents) synch's its process. Empowering artists, labels & records for the global marketplace. Bridging the gap from production to encoding, physical to digital in a seamless way.

Audi0FILE ℠ prepares to synch music globally.

If you are an artist, label or publishing company that can enjoy Audi0FILE ℠. Contact us or SIGN-UP today. Or INQUIRE about the service.

Please Note: Account selection by approval of Audocs staff. Also Check Out "What Is Audi0FILE" (Q&A)