We sat down with Zumbi of Zion-I to find out what he’s been up to lately. With a new album out, we wanted to find out what are the things that inspired him to create mu- sic. With the death of a loved one, and many other things going on in the artist personal life: he found the inspiration to create ‘The Labyrinth’, providing a new sound and direction for Zion-I.

Zumbi’s creative process stems a lot from what he experiences. The ability to turn those experiences into creativity is really how the artist derived the sound on The Labyrinth album.

Under Zumbi’s direction, Zion-I has grown and expanded its sound palette without com- promising the integrity of what Zion-I has always offered the listener. Zumbi keeps his conscience filled and remains relevant to date.

On The Labyrinth, Zumbi goes head to head in the electronic hip-hop hybrid market, providing a significant difference to offer a competitive edge.

Zumbi’s vision of the industry currently, filled with people who are going along with trends just to sell a record or to create a following. Zumbi maintains his center by staying true to himself, while expanding towards the edge of sound. This has been one of the many features that is consistent to Zion-I.

The labyrinth, brings us current on the Zion-I Journey, Zumbi’s personal take and analogy of lifes maze. Zumbi replies, “Its hard to know when your close to the end. So many twists and turns that it easy to give up.” We don’t think Zion-I or Zumbi will ever give up the quest, contributing to life, with conscious music.

We cant imagine a few years back when Zumbi decided to unravel The Labyrinth, he’d realize how relevant and timely the record would become. Zumbi’s excited about the finished product and looks forward to the future, the next project and more collaborations.


On his first solo album as Zion I, Zumbi’s project is filled with soul-searching lyrics and songs. The track “Not Ur Fault” was written the night his father passed last year. As Zumbi pays tribute to the dad who played a significant role in his life, he contemplates his own three young sons.

“Let Me Be” is an indictment on the current state of Black America. “From hip hop, to the executions of black males by police, we are at crossroads,” says Zumbi, “As father of 3, I have to do my best to prepare my children for the world they will inherit.”

On the banger, “Wake Up,” Zumbi commands: “Wake up in the morning like Ooowwwww!”

That’s the feeling I have everyday when I wake up and realize that I make music and perform for a living,” says Zumbi. With a slumping boom and kick, and uneven bells swinging out the melody, “Wake Up” is the perfect soundtrack for the triumph signified by this song.

The Labyrinth oUT NoW!