X925 - Audio Documents, pre-release broadcasts from artists and labels + more….

On Jan. 04th 2021, In collaboration with Audi0FILE, Another Audio Document, Audocs launched X925.

The role of X925 is to Connect hosts; talent, artists, labels and publishers with their market and fans, as a conduit.

Every host; artist, label, publishing roster and recording is unique. X925 enhances each recording by providing a station and/or time-slot to broadcast.

X925 artist, label and publishing stations play a product supporting role for the Audocs ‘AUX’ system. A highly specific internal & external workflow for episodic art, designers, industry captains (factors only) product features & top level producers. Who understand the importance of quality market and customer engagements. As a transformative service, creatives are given the space to engage, discuss and explore their product offers globally. As a service, X925’s produces ‘Live’ and ‘Pre-Recorded’ episodes, as well makes available recordings and archive segments in its AUX streamable database. Retrievable in a open-streaming format.

Other marketing programs are also available for artists, labels and publishers to jump-start their releases. Including on-demand DNLD, CD, DVD & Vinyl manufacturing & fulfillment.

With a surge of unique offers that benefit indie musicians, artists and labels. Audocs uses its own ‘Audio Document’ monicker to niche out a market for station broadcasts at X925.

“Audio Documents, pre-release broadcasts from artists and labels. Are one-time to continues events or premier episodes per album, 45 to 60 minutes or more. Details about the new album or reissue are shared worldwide on X925 in available time slots. As a promotional and marketing tool, you can stream virtual listening parties, content and commentary about your album. I.e., The making of the album process is what makes a time slot stand-apart.” (Checkout: How To @X925)

Customers can engage, request and even download (dnld) the album, portions of the album during the live broadcast. Audocs is keeping an eye out for high performing content, talent, and teams that complete projects and episodes in a timely, quality based way. Hopefully, to fill permanent time-slots on X925.

“Going Live’ is based on time-slot availability. Staying live is based on the talents ability to bring in their audience. Its a simple time honored performance based marketing plan of awareness. What drives X925 are the Audi0FILE services for encoding and outbound marketing. Based on the Audocs workflow, including CDDB, Radio, Ads services, North American radio and database syndication for albums. Each artists station can be upgraded to a channel with Live, 24/7 full broadcast capability (additional costs).

Apart of its ‘Halal Marketing Initiative’ and ‘Industry’ perspective. Lifestyle and personality marketing based on quality control, through warm, highly skilled, conscious and free-thinkers.

X925 is a place where hosts (talent; artists, labels & publishers) can successfully engage their network. In a brand significant way. Customer/ listener loyalty can be rewarded on-going. With downloads and digital retrievable by way of Audocs DNLD service. Premier and exclusive distribution and fulfillment reduces leak risk and market over saturation.  From the highly visible digital world of retail streaming (controlled leaks). X925 presents more equity and regained social capital for the artist, label or publisher. Producing leverage in the market place. And bringing earnings back home. Corralling your audience and rewarding customer loyalty. Creating an independent market based self-reliance, awareness and huge alternative to the common digital eco-system. Building on the uniqueness of each brand. X925 recognizes and prefers to augment (AUX), without substitute for authenticity. Removing the homogeneous fashion and platform centric approach. This is achieved with time-slots and go to market strategies of encoding and synch worldwide. Brand significance takes precedence over product cost and financing a release. The availably of Audocs manufacturing to fulfillment supply chain and distribution is a formal addition to the global consumption of music. As well unique,  and valuable.

With the launch of X925, Audocs identifies and explodes a marketing mix based on producer to customer satisfaction. Seamlessly blending information/asset storage, market exposure, delivery security, product availability by way of endless channels or stations at X925. Rethinking ‘Radio’ must include removing barriers and meeting the needs of vendors and customers alike.

Audocs goal with X925 is to achieve longitudinal satisfaction, success and ease for suppliers, customers and itself. What Audocs terms a functional association becoming a firm fixture, with ALL hosts retaining complete ownership, thriving in the market.


Visit: https://x9to5.com