You can dress up in a monkey suit and still only get peanuts ~Hasan

Record Type: Vinyl, Digital, CD
Label/Brand: Sub-Industry Recordings
Genre: Experimental Hip-Hop, Beat Art, Sacred Rap

Release Date: 05/05/2021

One of Audocs in-house labels is named Sub-Industry Recordings (SIR), a unapologetic non-standard music industry label. Not concerned with metadata, sales, magazine PR or the grand illusion of social-network experimentation.  Like an airplane jet engine, acklan plugs directly into the global market opened up by Audocs. Established in 2020 during the pandemic, today Sub-Industry Recordings and acklan, produce and distribute heavy, and intense records for independent beat art and other non-commercial hip-hop.

Sub-Industry Recordings is outside the music industry. With zero claims to being the world’s first, second or even largest maker of music or whatever may turn heads these days. With no claims to major business in the music industry or record making sector from SIR, acklan is freed-up to make what he wants.

Acklan is Hasan, Rahma t' ullah  Abdūllah. Aka dhuā (min acklan) Emcee, Producer, Visual Artist & Label Owner @audocs and Indi-Music Publisher at Urban Sufi Music, SESAC. Hasan is also an Author & Researcher. First coming to surface apart of usephasan, then releasing a slew of albums under Bil Basmala and Autolect, before establishing acklan.

CD/Digital Version