It went a lil something like this. From December 24 2001 to October 14th 2002, CMJ New Music Report, Issues Vol. 70, No. 744 & 746, Vol. 73, No. 3, 4 & 5, confirmed spins from various US college radio stations. No big deal right? but a huge leap for a one man DIY underground rap operation. No distribution, No PR agency or Publicist. European website 'Urban Smarts' gave up some press for Usephasan.

As said, this is just a short glimpse into what the album will have to offer. If Usephasan manages to keep the quality up for a whole length of a long play, the "Scienc.Esquizit" record will not just be featuring the 'boom' and the 'bap', but it will be the big 'bang' to his own universe. ~Tadah

Starting out as Scientifical RU, Usephasan is mostly self-produced. Hasan started out in the LA underground. Around the corner from Beastie Boys Atwater Village 'G-Son' Studio. And dropping in on Haze (Graph Artist) with Pomo (Blend crafters). In the mid to late 90's traversing the east coast to west coast of the United States honing his craft.

Studio credits included recordings with DJ Shadow & Mario C./James Lavelle & Mo’Wax. Amani K. Smith (producer on Public Enemy’s Revolverlution). Walt '427' aka Mr. Taylor and Ralph M (funkdoobiest). Eventually running into Anticon's Sole and gaining several spots under different aliases on "The Persecution of Hip Hop."


Shopping the demo, he almost scored with Nu-mark who was helping Ein Hunt spend his tomato ketchup fortune at Correct Records in Beverly Hills. The signing bonus was to small and POMO passed.  Hasan eventually took the material and released his debut Vinyl EP, USEPHASAN / CHEMISTRY TERAQUEOUS in late 1997. Getting the valuable second pressing in early 1998 thanks to Beni-B (ABB Records) and Sandbox Automatic (NY).

USEPHASAN Chemistry Teraqueous 12" New Harvest/Direq Req nh.dr001 US 1998

Headed on a upward trajectory Hasan starting working with several underground artists and preparing the LP. From 1999-2000 he agreed to deliver a record, Klassic Soul to VinylKingsz in Germany. Recording at Defcon 4 in LA with Mums the word. The record was scheduled for release on October 1st 2001. The rest is history due to the 911 Crisis that gripped America and shut-down the underground record market for a few years.

Eventually Hasan landed on City Hall Records in 2003, but changed his direction to Autolect (emcee/producer) in an attempt to move pass the Usephasan era. City Hall Records released 'Scienc.Esquizit' after Caroline Distribution passed on it. Several years later Michael Bull who ran Caroline, said he regretted that decision and still listens to the record.