(Label/Music Publisher)

Urban Sufi Music, Sesac

Name: Urban Sufi Music / Sesac/HFA/Rumblefish publisher

Location: California, USA - www.urbansufimusic.com |us@urbansufimusic.com

Description: In 2004, Urban Sufi Music initiated a market surge. The catalog provided a baseline for FKA and now Audocs. As indie music publishers Urban Sufi Music ventured into the global retail market. Pulling from late 90's marketing techniques. Including radio promotions, online and brick & morter distribution. In 2007 Urban Sufi Music used music database placement that was a unique for its time. While initiating a CD on-demand process. Urban Sufi Music created partnerships with leaders in digital content provisions. college radio promotion, north American radio placement, pr, city papers and national papers. In 2011, Urban Sufi Music resumed music production and publishing. Pushing the catalog to 300 tracks.

Genre(s): experimental, rap, abstract hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, electronic, nu-jazz

Formats: Vinyl, Cd & Digital


Urban Sufi Music established in 2004 has progressively grown from a concept built on an artistic self expression platform, to an independent publishing company that embraces many genres of style. From instrumental albums and alternative Hip Hop to soulful manifestations of pure inspiration, Urban Sufi Music combines the concept of art and music into an expansive collection of raw, un-conventional must have singles, albums and tracks.

Urban Sufi Music was built on strong principles of culture, diversity and understanding brought about by Hasan Robinson, who works to keep Urban
Sufi Music stable in a quickly changing industry. Hasan is an intellect by nature and constantly expands his knowledge through research, reading and writing. Hasan, being an artist himself, believes everything in life carries meaning and through that meaning we can begin to understand our existence. The definition of Urban Sufi Music is classic as it combines culture with history and allows Urban Sufi Music to remain open to new ideas while staying true to its nature.

Hasan describes Urban “As a dark mark that is reluctant to let you progress in the Western 21st Century, a dichotomy of our divine inheritance as human beings versus contrived social programming and twisted norms.” The name Sufi comes from “Suf,” the Arabic word for wool or “saf,” the Persian word for pure.

Urban Sufi Music remains consistent in a culture where we are programmed to think based off of social pressures, political influence and economic uncertainty and only through full spectrum expansion of the mind, body and spirit can those thoughts be made pure. Embracing the connection between darkness and purity with an open mind and commanding approach is one of the many reasons Urban Sufi Music began with a unique vision and continues to inspire, create and amaze in 2013 to now.


Article Appeared in fUNCTIONAL No. 01 Spring 2013

contact: us at urbansufimusic dot com