The sequel in the series, Soul Movement 2 is Slakah The Beatchild’s fourth release in as many years. Continuing the policy of the first album, Soul Movement 2 features the cream of Toronto’s contemporary black music crop. With Neo soul star Glenn Lewis, rapper Spek Won plus female vocalists Tanika Charles & Ayah all part of the movement. Having won a prestigious Juno Award for his production work on Sunglasses for Canadian pop singer Divine Brown (also a hit in the US) Slakah has also previously worked with Melanie Durrant, Art Of Fresh, Ray Robinson & superstar hip hop artist Drake.

From the first cut and buzz single - the largely instrumental, mod funk bitches-brew of “Cut A Rug (Byram’s Groove)” – Slakah’s virtuosity and expertise is evident.

“I’m not sure where the influences for Cut A Rug came from.” He wonders, though he has no such trouble with “Where’s Yesterday,” a lament on the dearth of quality new songs blaring outta North American radio stations. Says Slakah: “Commercial broadcasting forces us to listen to things we don’t always want to but it’s really developing music in a weird way. So I let that out in song – but I wanted to shout a few my heroes at the same time.”

The spirit of two of those, J. Dilla & D’Angelo, can be heard channelled on the brilliant “Us Theory,” a song Slakah counts as one of the most personal on the album: “When I record the music I sing nonsensicals over it to begin with, just melodies, but the word “always” just kept coming back. It paved the way. The groove, whilst it was recorded on acoustic drums, has that push/pull unquantized feel of a Dilla or D’Angelo track.”