Music connects deeply with the soul. It creates mood. It can stand alone and tell its own story. Simeon Lumgair gives it direction and sets the tone. He is a composer who comes from a family of musicians. The days he spent with his brother frequenting old smoky jazz bars have paid off. It was in these settings that this gifted individual had the pleasure of merely being in the presence of established musicians. He and his brother sat amongst the elders while learn- ing life long lessons in music appreciation.

Simeon’s work has benefited greatly from that time well spent. “Beyond the World” serves as a slight glimpse into the intricate mind of a musical master. From a paint salesman to a degree in Film & Video it may be safe to say that this artist is very well rounded. Music is somewhat of a night job to Simeon. He explains that this is when the majority of the ‘gigs’ take place. He has been touched by it for so long that he regards it as something he simply has to do. It is delightfully unavoidable in a sense and a natural part of his life. As he listened to it with a mature ear, he eventually grew tired of the music his peers were interested in. This prompted him to begin exploring other styles. A big moment for Simeon during this transition was when he was able to hear the famed John Williams conduct his orchestra. These days, we find that he has become a successful soundtrack artist who also plays In his own band entitled The Fineline.

Simeon was born and raised in the United Kingdom. His travels stretch west across ‘the pond’ to the States and as far west as Europe and Asia. He surrounds himself with a melting pot of friends and comrades from all over the globe. They all live right there in London where Simeon and his wife reside. This network of friends from all over the world has enabled him to be exposed to and pick up on cultural differences in a most personable way.

Simeon’s most treasured musical accomplishment involves work he has done with his band. The Fineline played a gig at The Bedford which just happens to be Simeon’s favorite London venue. The performance was broadcast worldwide! He loves playing venues that actually care about sound. Mr. Lumgair advised us that he is the target audience for his own work. How fitting as we are naturally our own worst critics. Music that he writes “just comes out” he explains. As owner and operator of his own company Quirky Motion for over a decade now, the film director offers that establishing the right partnerships are key to doing well. He has vowed to make music as long as he keeps his senses. When asked what advice he has for aspiring artists, Simeon contributed the following: “ Work hard, don’t give up, unless you’re rubbish…then probably best to quit. If you get the chance to work on something creative, enjoy it, own it as your own. Build good relationships. People matter more than art. Be patient and learn other skills because you’ll probably need them.”