Usephasan ‎- Scienc.Esquizit (1CD,2xVinyl)

Audocs to re:release Scienc.Esquizit in 2020, including reserved double vinyl (Made-To-Order).

Scienc.Esquizit: Originally released in January of 2003. Was the accumulated efforts of recordings from Hasan from 1994-2001. Including the 1997 Chemistry Teraqueous, Kh:Iman.Cip.8.Tor (1998), and finally Klassic Soul a 2001 vinyl.

Usephasan is the brainchild of Hasan. Usephasan Broke on to the evolving hip hop scene in April of 1998 with the demo-ish vinyl e.p. release "Chemistry.Teraqueous." It received considerable play and press, and then usephasan landed a spot on "The Persecution Of Hip Hop" (cprecords), a classic underground compilation. Featuring the likes of Vaste Aire (Cannibal Ox) & Anticon members.

"SCIENC.ESQUIZIT" is 19 selections of amalgamated prep works, finally released in dec. of 2003. The album features "Periodic Tables," which Public Enemy's Chuck D named "one of the 100 most supreme mp3's of 2000." Also features Urbanscore's Amani Smith (who produced Public Enemy's new CD), and Pomo of Blend Crafters.

Release date scheduled for late 2020.