PER Music Library ‎- Sa'Bil (CD,VINYL,DIGITAL)

Full-Stream Courtesy Of  Audocs

PER Music Library officially releases Sa'Bil on December 6th 2019.

Sa'Bil: A PER Music Library recording from its Original Electronic Recording series (OER). Is now released in three formats: 1CD, 1LP and Digital. The albums artwork is by Hasan (FWD).

Bil Basmala produced and composed every instrumental. Background, talk-over and commercial tracks for electronic, lounge or chill-out sync. PER picked up the record and plans to re-issue more tracks for its OER series.

PER Music library plans to release the 7 inch version of Ovum on vinyl in 2020. Digital only single tracks from Sa'Bil include, 'Elevator' and 'Arab Disco'. Mixed and Mastered by Bil Basmala at Spectrum13b.