By William Robinson

Founder, Managing Partner, Technical Writer @Audocs

RAHMc - Robinson-Audocs-Halal-Marketing communication. Is defined as or by leadership, quality control and ethical compliance. Market development for local and globalized growth customer diversification, product development and standards.

  • Salience: Info search and exchange characteristics. Open Databasing, and Identity Codes (IC). Quality input is salient to the workflow. A comprehensive understanding by data-entry (first line) to mid-level management. Including strategies and standards of the organizational cine. With a formal ethics program, monitored by a omnibudsman. Compliant producers and cines include wide range, high rate marketing outlets. Online and traditional methods include radio, television and film.

  • RAMc - communication model, is best from the input stage where quality is the major concern. Complete, non-fragmented data, transformed to quality output. ¬†Connects to customer satisfaction, loyalty and equality in the exchange of goods. A organizational transactions.

  • RAMc - communication is able to expose self serving bias, group-think & macro strongholds. Which can decrease quality, salience and revenue. Lets examine consumer based buying salience or touch points.

  • Following the RAMc - communication model, vendor supplied production assets engage with customers. The ecosystem or climate moves from broad to narrow. Factor focused marketing initiatives include, Television - video, magazine and blog placement. Radio, publishing logs, video placement and editorials are also included.

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