Autolect & His Meltdown Movement ‎- Qadari (CD,VINYL,DIGITAL)

PER Music Library released Qadari on CD & Vinyl on December 13th 2019. Audocs released Qadari, the Free Will Album (Remastered) on October 23rd 2020.

Before his 00's stop-over as Autolect. Hasan touched down in the Bay Area of Northern California. Getting finishing touches from East-Bay producer Fanatik onBEATS.  By the late 00's he ventured out as Bil Basmala. In transition he made an obscure instrumental album in 2008 called Qadari (The free will album). Releasing the title as Autolect & His Meltdown Movement. Giving listeners a heads up of what was in store for the next 12 years.

"I understood what I had too do all around. Business, & production wise. My development as a producer was in good hands from LA too the Bay." ~Bil Basmala

Autolect & His Meltdown Movement is the precursor to Basmala, Bil Basmala Monickers by Hasan (William L. Robinson, writer & producer). A combination of Modern Classic, Sufi Music, Beats and Ambient Soul, pushing the boundaries and bridging cultural divides of east and west.

The style Hasan formulated after 25+ years in the music industry, is the heart of his Indie publishing Urban Sufi Music (SESAC). Urban Sufi Music was formed in 2003 after leaving BMI. The unmistakable heavy drums are still present yet the sound has grown with the addition of melodic eastern instruments and spiritual overtones.

Under Bil Basmala, Hasan gained critical acclaim for the self-titled release that set the stage. Big Shot Magazine said "The beatsmith has come up with something that's futuristic sounding, spiritual & unique."

Music is not an integral part of his life though he has released and been a part of more than fifty albums. The music industry is an alternate reality to him, as he feels like an outsider. For him, art is a part of his inner being since age 9. In reality, Music (projects) have become a welcome release. Hasan syncs his catalog on a major label schedule with an Indie label mentality. He accomplishes this by serializing projects or what many call 'Serial Art.' Always writing, jotting down ideas, building tracks, formulating marketing, handcrafting albums covers and coding websites, this keeps the self-proclaimed 'Serial Artist' plenty busy for the past 15 years.

In 2017, after retiring from spiritual retreat while still in Malaysia, Hasan launched and moved his PER Music Library (PER) to a suburb outside of Kuala Lumpur. Cyberjaya became the new global headquarters for Urban Sufi Music, Sesac his independent publishing company. PER Music Library has been  releasing Library and Archive music globally for the past 3 years. Including experimental music, hip-hop, and Nu jazz. PER has 25+ albums scheduled in the future.

Bouncing back and forth between business and music, the man behind Bil Basmala On Production (B-BOP) is comfortable with juggling multiple projects. "It's how I have learned to process music," he says. "I came to the music industry in Los Angeles in the mid 90's" he explains. "Prior to any real west coast underground Indie hip-hop movement, which I was a part of in the late 90's. I see the same thing happening on a global scale now, and I am a part of it again. So we had to change the business focus, strategies and re-think how we release music. Placing music still remains the same, but market conditions have changed. Music has matured in the western market. Streaming gives the listener their fix, so album and download sales really don't exist. We have to become specialist and rely on niches, our core audience, much like the jazz scene did in the 70's and 80's.

PER Music Library is a premium brand, focusing on high fidelity audio files and formats, offering Digital, CD, and Vinyl releases.

Enjoying the fruits of 20 plus years of hard work is the intention of making music. Perspective, constant growth and change and being ahead of the curve.

"The direction I always wanted to take my music in has just arrived. I am in that definitive X position pushing beyond 20 years in the global indie music scene, I am not by myself. As I know others want to take the next step but just don't know how. I used computers to form global relationships and sell records worldwide in the 90's and 00's. I also looked to artist like Zappa and Yusef Lateef, they simply released music. Turning 46, I took a deep look at Dr. Yuseef Lateef's body of work. And at this time in his career, he was only halfway in, so either keep going or do something else."

Audocs plans to remaster and release some early works of Autolect & His Meltdown Movement. Including 'Introducing Adams One Man Band', 'Thirtysom: A lovechilds placebo' & 'Speech, Taught Thought'. All original eMusic debuts in 2003-2004 on Urban Sufi Music.