On May 24th 2014, Urban Sufi Music signed an Independent agreement with Harry Fox Agency in New York. Since then, the companies rights society SESAC purchased HFA and added Rumblefish to the company.

"In the wake of all of this, I was a bit shocked, but had positive expectations." ~William Robinson

Positive Expectations

HFA offers several features for the indie music publisher and brand. There could hardly have been a better way to establish its authority in the world of music than the agreement that the Urban Sufi Music signed with the Harry Fox Agency (HFA). This agreement was perfectly timed too, coming at a time when the publishing wing had inked a manufacturing deal for Formerly Known As (FKACO).

In 2020 Urban Sufi Music comes back to the world of music after a brief hibernation. Since 2015, and now the regulation of FKACO to label under Audio Documents, 'Audocs'.

Structured Beautifully

The model was concrete in 2015 and is now relevant in 2020. As artists & small labels realize that actual market foot-hold is elusive and seek more autonomy in putting out music.

As a result of the agreement, and SESAC buyout, all the music data for the catalog and licensing didn't make it over to Harry Fox Agency alone. Needless to say that was a model, that went unassigned. While prestigious in itself,  more authenticity and scope for Urban Sufi Music was overshadowed. Still under contract, Urban Sufi Music has used the past 5 years as a milestone period.

Audocs automatically implemented the Urban Sufi Music metadata structure for data which catapulted the independent publisher. Optimizing artists & labels content.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!--[ AUDOCS v3.1 ]-->
  <aggregatorName>Fka Co.</aggregatorName>
  <labelName>Formerly Known As</labelName>
  <releaseTitle>Worthy Of A Book (Remixed/Remastered)</releaseTitle>
  <releaseDescription>North Carolina native, hip-hop lyricist and artistic enthusiast Mr. Watson has, like many of us, always wanted to write a book. He believes all of our many lives, growth and experiences deserve the raw and truthful preservation of our existence that can only be expressed within the form of basic print. Insert the popular phrase " A picture is worth a thousand words". Mr. Watson has been painting masterpieces through words for over 20 years now on many levels. His forthcoming musical release is a comfortable reminder of what this NC Underground legend has consistently brought to the table. The soulfully stable, melodic, jazz infused production of Basmala pushes Mr. Watson's raspy delivery to form an extremely impressive sound....one wch both admit is aimed at the more mature target audience. On this, the 10th Anniversary of his initial project, Mr. Watson looks to let the official remixed and remastered version of "Worthy Of A Book" be his curtain call as he transitions into literary production. In other terms..... the BOOK will be WRITTEN.</releaseDescription>

Metadata Injection

Speaking about the direct impact of publishing and metadata, William Robinson, the founder of Audocs said,

‘It firmly established the arrival of Urban Sufi Music in the realm of publishing, licensing, and music placement.’

Understanding the expertise of publishing made HFA the country’s leading rights management solutions provider for the music and other intellectual property-based industries.

Audocs understands how important metadata is to music and the future of intellectual properties and publishing. Inheriting the groundwork and benefits from FKACO and Urban Sufi Music.

Audocs officially launches its services in late 2020.

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