PER Music Library introduces Solid Being Sound, a project by Bil Basmala under M٥NT.  A series of Experimental music projects leading up M٥NT Lp by Bil Basmala slated for late 2020. Hasan (Bil Basmala) started his music career as a Hip-Hop emcee. He moved on to production in the early 00’s, and has since successfully been apart of 50 plus releases.

PMIB is a three part progressive listener, and handy work blend of Hip-Hop, electronic, sparse vocals and some minimal electronic music. The first project, Solid Being - Post Modern Industrial Beatbox EP contains four tracks from the Lp, Post-Modern  Industrial Boombox. Also available is the lead single 'Tools of the trade" w/ Elevator that doesnt appear on the album.

Hasan also has recorded under various entities including, Hasan ‘Atiq, Usephasn, Autolect, Bil Basmala to Basmala Lp. After relocating to Malaysia in 2017, we expect more experimental and eastern influenced releases under whatever monicker he chooses.