Bil Basmala‎-The Pilot (CD,VINYL,DIGITAL)

Full-Stream Courtesy Of  AudioDocuments

PER Music Library initiated by Audocs in 2016, after influence by KPM and others.

The Pilot: PER Music Libraries first offer. From its Original Electronic Recording series (OER). Is now released in three formats: 1CD, 1LP and Digital. The albums artwork is by Hasan (FWD).

The phenomenon of the music library has outgrown its usefulness. Digital playlist have replaced background music for films, TV shows and commercials. Music used for films, radio talk-over tracks & commercials now are apart of publishing deals with pros, artists & labels. PER sets out to not only make music that fills the void for music library tracks, but create unique product. Using the vast production library of Bil Basmala. PER Music Library converts tracks to retail ready vinyl releases. Each retail ready copy ships on-demand. Giving each record a short-run & novel value. As well longevity for larger runs or synchronization.

Bil Basmala currently composes for Sesac and has published over 300 instrumentals. PER plans to re-issue these tracks apart of a series of releases under the PER Music Library brand.

PER Music library plans to release the original version of dUBEcleCtric on vinyl in 2020. The digital version has tracks from 'The Pilot', remixed by Bil Basmala at Spectrum13b.