As a producer well into his forties, William launched  PER Music Library. Audocs & FKACO initiated PER Music Library in 2016.

Melt Omnibus: a PER Music Library (2 Volumes) release now in three formats: 2CD (original studio recordings), 2LP featuring the original studio recordings by Bil Basmala (producer), and digital (original studio recordings) reissue.

The appearance of the music library is now dwarfed by platforms and playlists. Much in the manner of compilation releases. Its clear the unfamiliar notion of discovering unknown composers & musicians. Tracks are for talk-over music on radio (podcast) or background music in film or television. This network style music is also refered to as 'Stems'. With an emphasis for other producers, much in the fashion FX libraries where sold on CD. Not meant for commercial release. Stems are for other producers to audition and use in their own compositions. Sample free stems are valuable assets. Much in the same way Hip-Hop producers in the late 80's & early 90's revived 70's funk. Stems result in new music exploration and discovery by new audiences. Not promotional, the new music library continues the tradition of releasing on vinyl. As well stacking data cd's and audio cd's. Digital streaming allows music from PER to find its audience with ease & effectiveness.

With abundant producers and composers worldwide, has the music library reached its heyday? With so many original scores in the market, is a music Library necessary?

PER Music library became a reality for composer William Lamont Robinson (aka Hasan) in the 00's.  A sync for a commercial appeared in his SESAC catalog and PER sparked.

Now, PER Music Library positions music by performance and niche. With an aspect of previous release, position and quality of music. Whether, a talented producer, a fantastic sounding record or something special. Didn't stop a release from slipping thru the cracks. PER picks it up and places it back in the market as a reissue producer.

New edition's to PER Music Library in 2021 and beyond include 25 new albums. PER library doesn't concentrate on musicians and writers. Instead, background theme's reissued or remastered from original sessions.

Urban Sufi Music (Indie music publishers) is PER's backbone, Audocs raised PER Music Library, from artist to label. Each releases from now until, planned as a unique piece available for retail and sync alike.


Ghadaqan took over PER Music Library in May of 2021.

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