Née Pauline's debut EP produced by Ol' Burger Beats is out now, and today Pauline releases the music video for the title track «I Am Leaving»:  

The music video is about going away from something - a place, a person or a situation. The choice of leaving or staying often has positive and negative emotions connected to both options. The music video explores that ambivalence, without concluding whether Née Pauline actually ends up leaving or not.

The full EP is also available now, including 7 new instrumentals by Ol' Burger Beats. The seven tracks by Née Pauline are all about transition, changing from one state to another, both physically and mentally. From stress to relaxing, leaving one place for another, opening up for new perspectives, but also the tough goodbyes. With inspiration from Latin-American and Spanish music and culture, mixed with soulful lyrics, melodies & jazzy hip hop beats, the duo creates the perfect vibes for a relaxed summer. Née Pauline lived in Spain for a few years, and speaks Spanish fluently. Her bossa nova inspiration, as well as her passion for the ocean and the climate, is a concept throughout the project, both musically and visually.

Ol' Burger Beats has gone through his Brazil records for this project, creating 7 new beats that sound warm, jazzy and perhaps less traditional in a hip hop sense. The beats still carry the same qualities that you heard in projects like Dialogue. and Daybreaks. There's a focus on the melodies, the horn samples in the hooks, and an emphasis on the higher frequencies in the music. 

Stream the album or buy the limited edition vinyl LP through B/C & HHV: 


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