Owner/Founder - Michael Garcia

Q: How long had NSS been a company?
A: 4 years

Q: How did you come up with the name “no sleep”?

A: DBNS was the original name of the company until a fall- ing out between the co creators caused him to branch out and start another company called No sleep society

Q: where did it all start?

A: it All StArteD witH oNe tHe SHirt, oNe DeSiGN AND A DreAM to HAve clotHiNG tHAt fitS tHe fASHioN forwArD coMMuNity.

Q: what made you want to start your own company?

A: After tHe oNliNe SucceSS of tHe “freSH tee” tHe owNer SAw po- teNtiAl iN tHe coMpANy AND tHeN cHooSe to purSue it furtHer.

Q: hardest part of achieving this goal?:

A: GAiNiNG tHe kNowleDGe. it took HiM yeArS to leArN ABout two HourS wortH of iNforMAtioN. He feelS tHAt leArNiNG tHouGH experieNce wAS tHe BeSt wAy to leArN.

Q: what are some of the things you want your brand to be recognized for?

A: tHe BrAND iS GeAreD towArD A More fASHioN forwArD type of perSoN: tHe ArtiSt wANtS tHe BrAND to Be icoNic. eAcH clotH- iNG Article iS DiffereNt iN itS owN wAy But recoGNizABle to tHe BrAND NoN tHe leSS: He HopeS to portrAy SiNGulArity witH tHe clotHiNG wHile keepiNG tHe uNiQueNeSS of eAcH piece.

Q: explain your process

A: tHe proceSS iS revolveD ArouND Not GiviNG up oN your DreAMS you tAke AN iDeA AND Nurture it uNtil it GrowS to itS full poteNtiAl tAk- iNG tHe NeceSSAry StepS AND Not SleepiNG oN tHe proceSS iS very iMportANt

Q: who is your target audience?

A: tArGet AuDieNce iS MAleS froM tHe AGe 18-35 tHe ceo lookS for- wArD to expANDiNG oN tHe feMAle cAteGory iN tHe very NeAr future

Q: what are your hobbies outside of this career?

A: HoBBieS outSiDe tHe BrAND iN- cluDe viDeo eDitiNG “ANytHiNG tHAt iNvolveS viSuAlS, i’M reAlly BiG oN viSuAlS”