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Autolect (Mononauts) - Monoverse (10th anniversary pressing)

Unlimited 140g Black-Vinyl-Full color cover. Retail ready copies, pressed on-order. Audocs issues a 10th anniversary unlimited-edition vinyl pressing of the albums digital only release.

As the Mononauts, musical artists Autolect & Fanatik’s world of Hip-Hop came alive. With music that left a mark on the hearts and minds of the progressive listeners. Hip-Hop music makers Ridwan (Fanatik onBeats of Stonethrow) and Hasan (AKA Autolect/BilBasmala) joined forces in 2009 to 2010. They composed and released “Monoverse" on Feb. 25th 2010.  Creating music that treads the domain of the unexplored.

RELEASE HISTORY 2013, 2015, 2017

Monoverse by Mononauts  released in 2013 as a limited edition CD. No reviews, press or fan-fair.  A few copies to share amongst friends. By 2015 the word had spread in the California underground, Fanatik and Autolect niched out a nice little path for themselves with Monoverse.

A reissue on a bigger stage was happening as 2015 got under way. Thru a connection at Sony, Hasan inked a minor-league manufacturing and fulfillment deal.  The company was a mid-west manufacturer who once ruled the CD manufacturing storage and fulfillment industry for Sony. After connecting their feed with AENT, Hasan went about business as usual. This is how the second pressing of Monoverse evolved.  Along the way becoming an Autolect record.

The 3rd pressing was an order of 500 records for RSD UK 2017.  The record never made it out of Germany or  past the test pressing stage. Once again, Hasan leg-worked the logistics and brought the Album to life. Including a limited edition USB-Album, also a debut for Audocs flagship product. Finally the record is available via Audocs Record Distribution/Unearthed.

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