Autolect & Fanatik formed Mononauts in 2008

The world of Hip-Hop has come alive with music that is here to make a mark on the hearts and minds of the progressive listeners. On one hand, Hip-Hop music makers Ridwan ‘onBeats’ and Hasan ‘Bil Basmala’ join forces to compose the eerily ecstatic and on the other, two veteran producers Rob Bass (Fka:Fanatik) and Hasan Robinson (Fka: Autolect) collaborate on their debut album “Monoverse” (2010) to create music that treads the domain of the unexplored. But that’s not all. Adding to the already mounting excitement is the news that the Mononauts are back in the studio working on their new album that may hit the racks anytime between late 2013 and early 2014.

The new creations of Ridwan and Hasan seek to create a musical territory
where the electric psychedelic Space Rock influenced beats and backgrounds of onBeats meet the abstract, enlightened and sub-conscious lyrics of Bil Basmala. As they break free from the defined structures of the 1 and ah 2 they contribute to the conception of something that is distinct in its identity and yet exhibits both the creators’ musical abilities.

As Mononauts, Bass & Robinson are creating a new fusion of the energetic and the experimental. Best suited for headphone science.

Article Appeared in fUNCTIONAL No. 01 Spring 2013