BeatTape, Volumes 1-4

Fanatik (onBeats is back in 2020) with fellow Bay Area, California producer The Architect (Homeliss  Derilex). Who also doubles as the tour Dj for famed Oakland crew, Souls Of Mischief. Their first release as KRWN JWLS BEATtape V1 appeared on Bandcamp in September of 2019.

EL Choppo EL, was previously released in 2019 as a hip-hop drum kit series. Along side A gratis version, Uno & Dos versions. Fanatik onBeats reunited with long-time fellow Bay Area producer The Architect in early 2019 and started cooking up beats. Their second release as KRWN JWLS BEATtape V2 appeared via Bandcamp on September 29th 2019.

For concept Beat-Tapes and new content, the series provides over 160 minutes of music. Tapping into listeners and the method of KRWN JWLS,

Volumes 1-4, is thematic beyond a singular mood. There is nothing subtle about the KRWN JWLS, combining the dualistic beat styles of The Architect & Fanatik onBeats. Their success reciprocates thru each volume. In part challenging environmental fear, failure and frustrations of recent events. With very little political overtones, topics such as homelessness, and poverty are addressed. The state of people are expressed in direct vocal chops, as the art of sampling is on display regardless of the distractions offered publicly. KRWN JWLS is not angry nor confused, they engage by their own standards and art-form. Each beat inspires by direct energy and whole-hearted seeking of truth. Harnessing the essence of hip-hop, beyond endowment or methodical control mechanisms. In this case, there’s more then one way to get your point across. The sound medicine, heals the wounds of others daggers that penetrate the dermis of the masses. Along comes KRWN JWLS,  each song seriously offering in depth thought and some solutions. Despite the agendas at large, they are diligent, hopeful and working each album. KRWN JWLS represents a milestone in Beat Art and now documented at Audocs.

Pay attention, Instrumental Hip Hop beat 'art' tape from Bay Area Legendary BEATMAKERs "The Architect"  and  "Fanatik(onBEATS). Who both produced the first series of records on Stones Throw.