The self-silenced MC Halalstyles is a new artist who writes his own material. And is an aspiring music producer. Halalstyles exerts a conscious path another angle of Hip Hop, with a plethora of “figure it out” eludes. “Dunya Day, the single” from Halalstyles’s official debut EP containing 8 songs and 1 intro track.  The USB-Album also contains all instrumentals produced by Fanatik (onbeats).

“Dunya Day” tethers aware lyrics and a down tempo jazzy breakbeat combination. Tattered with flavorful reminders of Golden Era Hip-Hop. “Dunya Day” takes you on a ride around town thru the lenses of an American Muslim man.

Other songs like, “Fajr To Ishaa,” and “Cycle Of Noor,” are joined by the loose collective called WE:. Featuring artists that collectively shape another arena for Hip Hop.

In 2002 Halalstyles joined After HijrA.H. The group worked together from 2002-2006. Releasing their only project in 2005.

Halalstyles ventured out on a solo project in 2003. And has recently surfaced as one-third of the conjoined venture Mainstyles. Featuring Husayn Jay and Corey the Rockstar. Releasing a project in 2004 and an upcoming new album.