PER Music Library ‎- Future Of The Field (CD,VINYL,DIGITAL)

Full-Stream Courtesy Of  Audocs

PER Music Library releases Future of the field on December 20th 2019.

Future of the field: A PER Music Library recording from its Original Electronic Recording series (OER). Is now released in three formats: 1CD, 1LP and Digital. The albums artwork is by Hasan (FWD).

Labeled space music, Future of the field is heavy in ambient sound. Composed by William Robinson, apart of his Bil Basmala Eastern Department series. PER Music Library pushes the album into lo-fi soundtrack, archive and library music. A very intense release, each song exhibits its own character and depth to stand alone.

UPCOMING: PER Music library plans to release the 7 inch for Buy the uprite base/Dive into obscurity on vinyl in 2020. All tracks are mixed and Mastered by Bil Basmala at Spectrum13b.