Name: FKA / Formerly Known As (also see FKACO or FKA Co.)

Label Code: 40048 FKACO

Location: California, USA - |

Description: In 2015, 35 physical albums in under 2 years by supplying International Indie and American based "Big Box' retail through WalMart, Target, Best Buy, FYE, Sears, Barnes & Nobles, HMV, Buy CD Now (Can), Juno Records (Uk), WOW, Redeye (Au), Arukereso (Budapest), Mondadori (italy), iMusic & JPC (Germany) and more.

Genre(s): beats, abstract hip-hop, experimental electronic, instrumental hip-hop, nu-jazz

Formats: Vinyl, Cd, USB & Digital

Overview: The FKA Story (2012 - Current)

To aid customers or buyers decision making FKA & Co. offers the following promotional programs and offers.

Target markets include international buyers of personal and business music and audio. FKA & Co. customers are Nu' audiophiles as explained in Document #GS13 . PER Music Library B2B buyers are music supervisors and music libraries for film, television and commercials. FKA & Co. aids customer satisfaction by multi channel purchasing options for pick-up or delivery worldwide. Currently FKA & Co. products are marketed in a narrow fashion with future expansion into broad, traditional marketing arenas worldwide (USB based). Further enhancing buyers recognition of the FKA Audio product line.

As soundtrack, instrumental, nu-jazz, hip-hop and nu-soul specialist, FKA & Co. and its soundtrack licensing division PER Music Library, currently operates along side 5 competitive major indie labels in the same market. Customers are able to purchase FKA Audio product through 150 independent retail in North America, including Amoeba Records in Hollywood, the worlds largest independent record store. Customers may also purchase online and have items delivered to their home or pick up from big box stores such as Target, Best Buy, FYE, Sears & Barnes and Nobles. Customers must adhere to strict return policies per retail establishment.

In 2017 FKA Audio dedicated its format to USB based albums and accessories. Liquidating its current CD based inventory at the end of 2016.

FKA & Co. launched FKA Audio in 2015 as the online retail and customer solution for wholesale and services direct to consumer. FKA Audio updates inventory 3 times per year. Social feeds and updates include Audocs blasts, twitter and other affiliated sites online. Audocs blasts are B2B based and are delivered several times quarterly. Including product updates, product sheets and other important information to ease the ordering process. Currently each B2B newsletter blast encompasses a 40% success rate for international retail. For effective crossover and touch points, FKA & Co. projects a 100% increase in the next 3 years along with broad marketing initiatives in North America to Global markets.

All promotions are conducted by Audocs, Audio Documents to inform buyers of FKA & Co. product on the market. Including DNLD.US, an Audio Documents gratis based solution. Including custom link management  and asset delivery.

Benefits of FKA & Co. and FKA Audio products include factors based on 'High Integrity Music'. Firm, clear multi channel distribution for quarterly releases in multi genres. Progressive, genuine, sincere and quality production from artisans on multi formats with a clear market differential for USB albums and gratis based releases. Integrity for initial input to output of product (Along the supply chain) creating a whole process of core services originating in the core function of Audocs, Audio documents work flow.

Currently FKA is transitioning to a Audio Brand with limited physical releases.

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