Art, in any and all its forms, is the truest representation of the soul. To understand an artist and his creations, it hence makes sense to delve deep into the alleys of his mind and at least try to understand his beliefs, inspirations and thought processes that seamlessly blend to give birth to newer creations. Thanks to the social networking sites, taking a peek into the psychology is not that difficult after all.

For instance, one of the tweets of music artist and producer OnBeats aka Fanatik reads, ‘Never met a Beat I didn’t Break’ thus setting our expectations for something new, unique and almost revolutionary in its nature and appeal. The progressive listeners already know what this veteran hip-hop artist has in store for them every time.

Technically, in musical parlance, on-beat translates into the strongest accent in the melody and the likeliest place for a chord change. In the context of the hip-hop genre, the name OnBeats perhaps hints at the powerful symphonic deluge that has taken over the music lover’s world and the pas- sion and ‘Fanatik’cism that has forever changed the way hip-hop was perceived. Not only has OnBeats given the world an evolved hip-hop music but has also introduced such future stars as Planet Asia, DJ Babu and Rhettmatic and the Subcontinents. In fact, the sparse relaxed beats of Fanatik provided the perfect backdrop where Planet Asia’s battle- tested flow would find its truest expression. The duo appeared together on Tripek Records’ Rules of the Game compilation alongside veterans like the Living Legends and the Coup.

The official website of Fanatik describes him as a beat maker, music producer and multimedia artist. And, in all these capacities, sometimes alone and sometimes in collaboration with another artist or group, he has created countless number of albums and tracks, many of which are groundbreaking in their appeal. For instance, in ‘Wild Stylus’ released in 1997 by newAndalus Records, Fanatik joined forces with two of the world famous Beat Junkies DJ Babu (Dilated Peoples) and DJ Rhettmatic (Visionaries) to pres- ent the known classic hip-hop song for- mat with a new twist. His ‘Phanatikbeats’ was the first full length (2LP) record and the first instrumental record on Stonesthrow Record in 1996.

It is very difficult to define the dimensions that are contained within the music of Fanatik. Just like his name his music too is passionate or maybe we should call it sublimely passionate. Almost a new genre that we might call transcendental hip-hop. Fanatik’s Tauheed Productions writes, ‘One God... Many Beats..’ And, listening to his music, we feel that every beat of is a way that extends from the finite to the infinite, the journey that takes all to Allah.

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Article Appeared in fUNCTIONAL No. 01 Spring 2013

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