Autolect ‎- Every Mans Universe (2CD,2xVinyl)

Audocs to re:release Every Mans Universe in 2020, including reserved double vinyl (Made-To-Order).

Every Mans Universe: Originally released in October of 2005. Going global in early 2006 with the aid of City Hall Distribution. Funding by Hasan and his brother TaHa as Required (label).

Autolect maintains the conscious line of hip-hop, with a more lyrically "heady" touch. The self-professed "Native Tongue Baby" is a rare artist who produces and writes his own material.

Every Mans Universe is Autolect's official debut. With 12 tracks and 3 skits, Every Mans Universe has thoughtful lyrics and a downtempo nu-jazz/broken beat combination.

Every Mans Universe searches for the LOVECHILD in everyone. That mature, fine music collector, whether online or buried in a book. That deep-rooted mentality, educated, enlightened, inspired, eclectic and forward thinking. Songs like "Gravity" and "Levitate" will be right up the alleys of those that like underground hip-hop.

As "usephasan" from 1998-2003, Autolect received recognition in spots as far away as France, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. His work with producers DJ Shadow, Ralph M, Fanatik, Amani K. Smith and Pomo of Blend Crafters gives Autolect the vantage point. (REQUIRED press release 2005)