In this age of PCs, IPads, and smart phones, we found it comforting to discover that our next featured artist still uses the old fashioned pen and paper to document lyrics.

E Reece (from T.IM.E.) is a bit of a throwback to the mid-nineties Hip Hop when many believe the genre was at its best. This true professional transitioned to hip hop after studying Jazz from seventh grade through high school. During this period he began freestyling more and went on to actually write rhymes during his college years. He graduated with honors on an academic scholarship. Music is his first love and tops his lists of hustles. He stays rooted in the industry by hosting and promoting parties, modeling, and even doing some acting. He’s come a long way since helping his sister out on the local paper route. He approaches the business professionally by handling his own contracts, bookings, being on time, etc.

E Reece admits that he has always been a good writer. He achieves his distinct sound by listening to his inner voice. Insert the masterfully crafted “The Owner” by T.IM.E.; a track that illustrates the artist’s unwavering truth and humility. He has managed to avoid following trends by staying true to himself. The Maryland native who also lived in New York briefly before relocating to California in 2001, credits his inspiration to his mother. She sang in a few groups when she was in college and shares an appreciation for music with him. Both of his parents were music lovers but actually, it was the artist formerly known as Prince who had a significant influence on E Reece. He has always been moved by music and loves how it evokes different emotions within the soul.

By his own account, E Reece’s audience is virtually anyone who likes good music from the mind, body, and soul. Once people hear his music, they like it and give him respect for staying true to himself and for respecting the culture. The Origins compilation is just one of many projects currently on the table for this promising talent. He has a single set to be released in February 2015 featuring a Jimetta Rose and produced by Stro Elliot of The Procussions. In conjunction with the release, E Reece is working on a video concept and looking for a label to help release it. He recently released a track entitled “Fallen Sons” which references police brutality and recent events happening around the country.

Ultimately, E Reece just wishes to leave behind a positive legacy and an outstanding discography; one that his son can be proud of and establishes him as a stand up guy who spoke meaningfully once he’s gone. If it becomes his livelihood then great. But if not, he’ll always have music out there that can be licensed and published for various uses. He challenges others to ” stay true to yourself, don’t be a follower, keep your eyes on the prize, and not to quit”.

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