Bil Basmala & PER Music Library ‎- Clockwork (CD,VINYL,DIGITAL)

PER Music Library re-releases Clockwork on January 20th 2020.

Clockwork: Now a PER Music Library recording from its Original Electronic Recording series (OER). Is now released in three formats: 1CD+USB-Album, 1LP and Digital. The albums artwork is by Hasan (FWD).

Bil Basmala released a limited edition CD in spring 2019. With innovative album packaging.

Audocs jumped into the USB-Album market in 2014. Signed a distribution deal in 2018 and prepared the first release. It took a few months to find the manufacturer but it all came together with, Clockwork on November 11th 2019. PER Music Library/Audocs was the perfect solution to present the product.

By late 2018, A quick google search will show the legwork had begun.  Prepped to launch in Europe, the clockwork CD contained a USB-Album of 12 Bil Basmala releases transitioning to PER Music Library

Sufistication, 1 USB, 12 Albums, 243 Songs from PER Music Library by the American, world music and ambient soul production of Basmala.  A hip-hop base and ambient or minimal atmospheric sound, which is the unique signature.

In terms of innovation and bang for your buck, the Audocs USB -Album provides listeners with a ton of content, for a low price and lightweight shipping.

Heres your chance to pick up one of these ground-breaking albums via PER Music Library.