Bil Basmala ‎- Bil Basmala (1CD,1Vinyl)

Audocs re:releases the 2012 debut self-titled album in 2020, including reserved vinyl (Made-To-Order).

Bil Basmala - Bil Basmala: Originally Digipak released on March 24th 2012.

Bil Basmala, Abstract Futuristic and Neo-Visionary Emcee, Writer, Sound and Print Designer/Artist. Has penned over 50 projects from 1998 too present. Each purposefully aimed at elevating the human condition and concentrating on spiritual methods within an artistic design.

Bill Basmala is releasing his self-titled album in March. “Silicon Circles” is the first track off it. I have to say, its different. Its dark and eerie but at the same time it has a lot of light in it. His flow is cool too, he kinda reminds me of Method Man on this song, just his flow, not what he’s saying (and not in a biting way, more of a he’s different who can I compare him too way). I like the ending where they discuss the ego. Dope. (WhoNeedsAGenre)