Autolect ‎- Every Mans Universe (1CD,2xVinyl)

Audocs to re:release Between God & The Deep Blue in 2020, including reserved double vinyl (Made-To-Order).

Between God & The Deep Blue: Originally released in June of 2007. A year and 1/2 after the release of Every Mans Universe, Hasan's debut under the Autolect monicker.

Autolects first single was Akh Fantastic: an uptempo, throwback anthem. Produced by: west underground producer Fanatik. Known for his early works with Planet Asia, Rasco and Stones Throw Records. Xi Sounds, whom had also joined Autolect in the City Hall deal. Decided to press a limited edition 12 inch vinyl release of the song. Which also included a B-side track from Little Brothers 9th wonder. The Justice league producer was Known mostly at the time, for his production on Jay Z's Black Album and remixes for Mary J. Blige and Destinys Child.

Akh Fantastic hit college radio in August 2006. Well received by Dj's Akh Fantastic spawned another 12 from Autolect entitled Movin, which climbed the college Rapattack charts to number 3 in July 2007. Autolect followed in late 2007 with this studio recording.