Basoloneous Funk (aka Bas-One)

Finding Music In Life, Giving Life To Music

If you have missed an appointment with Basoloneous Funk at his studio, you could find him helping people as a Home Health Assistant, a Lube Technician, or even as a Romance Enhancement Facilitator. Or, if you nourish a special love for the Hip-hop culture, you could join his next lecture on the subject. Because this music maker wears many a hat and switches between roles with immense dexterity. But what remains at the very heart of his existence and at the soul of his music is a free spirit, the same that inspires him to create numbers that let people “escape the non-sense of society”. Art has often offered their creators a window into another world that is untouched by the worldly anxieties and pains. Way back in history they were called the Romantics. Centuries later, it is refreshing to see another creator keeping the spirit alive amidst the onslaughts of the post-modern lifestyle.

Debut Song from "DATZ DEM"  which iz MC's Basalonious(BAS ONE) Funk and Q-Shy

It is not just his innate love for music that sets his creation apart from the others. Basoloneous believes that it is his “soul or DNA’ that gives his music its distinction. “Originality stands alone”, says he. The artist draws from his life experiences for churning out numbers through which he wants to inspire his audience to dance and to feel “alive within sound”. And he does have a rich repertoire of experiences to count upon.

Basoloneous is associated with many groups. He is a part of such crews as the Stylelements and the Furious Styles. He is also a member of the Mighty4 and the Universal Zulu Nation and is a staff member of the Hip-hop Slam. He is also well-traveled and well-read. Although he hails from the Oakland Bay Area of North California, he has also lived in Deutschland (Germany), Bielefeld, Berlin, and Sweden. The artist has also traveled to many places in Europe and has served in the US Navy for four and a half years. For a man who is ”ever changing and seeking” it comes as little surprise that all these experiences weave themselves together into a beautiful amalgamation that motivates him in all his creations.

Basoloneous’ love for music dates back to the time when he was a little guy in pre-school. He remembers his uncle, who plays keys for the Church, as one of the very important persons to develop this fondness for music. However, it was not until his appreciation from Grand Master Caz that he considered himself “worth anything.” His journey through music has brought him several accolades and notable collaborations such as the one with G Koop who works with George Clinton and Jake One. Yet for Basoloneous, his greatest “collaborations are really with equipment and sound”. With flava, vocoder, and talkbox in his arsenal, this artist is out to instill rhythm in every heart and a bounce in every step. If you are a Basoloneous fan, look forward to “The Move Your Booty Affair’ to create this magic.

Even after creating music for years and after playing various roles in the world of music with equal passion, Basoloneous is convinced that there can be no set part or character that can define his attachment to music. “I am all that the music requires of me to be”, says he. And there can hardly be anything more honest than this confession of a man who has found his identity right inside his music. He is truly an artist. The man who isn’t over-thrilled by being featured in URB magazine’s next 100 (in 2002), but is moved when people dance to his number. The one who seeks refuge in his music and makes it a medium of a “release”. The artist who wants to create music “as long as rhythm is in existence.”

By Tania B