Basmala by Basmala (2016) - Preservation Electronic Recordings aka PER

itunes digital pre release date: 4/28/2016
Worldwide Digital: 5/12/2016
European Limited Edition Digipack: 6/24/2016
European Vinyl Release date: 8/31/2016

Basmala is the debut album by the American Chillout, World & Ambient Soul production (Bil) Basmala, released in 2016 on Preservation Electronic Recordings. The album maintains a hip-hop base and ambient or minimal atmospheric sound, which is the unique signature of Bil Basmala. The album contains songs worked and released from 2012 to 2015 under Eastern Department, an earlier production venture featuring Hasan Atiq (Bil Basmala): "Accurate”, “Just Us”, “The Griot” and “Off the dribble."

“The Mount,” “Day One” and “Method” provide a sneak preview into the core sound, visionary soul of Basmala, bridging the gap between experimental, electronic, hip-hop and instrumentals that “Chopa Sidi and “Warp Speed” stem from.

“Elastic” kicks off the album with strong lyrics by Atiq, who also doubles as the exclusive producer. “Hijaz” is notable and stays true to the words of Elmattic, ““(It’s) from some alternative reality where (Eric) Dolphy and (Charles) Mingus invented the MPC, and jazz never ended.”

Preservation Electronic Recordings circulated a promotional single called “Basmala Bare Arms” to tastemakers. Basmala 786 The Ep was also released and features the six main ambient tracks from the LP.


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