It is no longer difficult to say if Hasan (aka Usephasan, Autolect & Bil Basmala) 'Abdullah's' ideas about revolutionary music would be beneficial to the world. Or perhaps the visionary in him had always known that he would push the known boundaries of hip-hop and construct a bridge that would traverse the musical evolution of many years within the span of a few minutes, a single track, a project or a passionate collection. That is exactly what this independent recording artist/label owner and entrepreneur has been doing ever since his emergence in the west- coast underground hip-hop scene in 1998 with an LA produced Record Usephasan- Chemistry Teraqueous (Pomo & Amani Smith).

Designer-Artists-Technician-Producer-Sound Artist-Rapper, He took his own path in 2013 providing the blueprint and architecting neo-visionary soul music. His creative nature stems from technical drawing since age nine. And from 6th grade thru college, never took a foreign language, but was always found in the art room. This alone speaks volumes about his unique attitude towards his art, positioning him as the very embodiment of the spirit of breaking away, breaking free. For, not only does his spiritual often described as meta-physical approach seek to redefine all known definitions and genres of music, he himself is passionate about almost everything he emersus himself in. Like and aquatic plant pushing to conceive the notion of above the surface.

In music, first as the traditional functions of an emcee or producer. Then discovering, coding, testing and modeling platforms to aid independent artists, like himself. Like his music his is the unconventional genius, his vision teetering on the borders of the extraordinary and the novel.

For example, when you listen to the Bil Basmala and Eastern Department project (2012), its soulful ambiance and layered combination of classic hip-hop drums. Featuring abstract and alternative rap lyrics. Abdullah's Quirky drums, deep baselines and intense thick atmospheric textures cover each track. The rhythm driven studio recordings are complemented by harmonious vocals and lyrics based on social commentary and individual enlightenment. Originally conceived or envisioned by Abdullah as an eclectic blend, neo-visionary soul took the electronic, chill-out or left field genre into a completely new sphere. Accompanied by complimentary visuals from Abdullah, carving out neo-visionary soul as an addition to the left field, electronic and hip-hop genre. To the listeners its a new, hitherto unknown bliss or an awakening of the soul.

Now (2020), Abdullah stands behind his releases under the 21 Fortune Hills label & Brand, backed by Audocs. Its that in your face, major label-esque machine on an indie level, pumping out music.

And, there is something to say about personal expression. Abdullah comes back to the table, yet again offering a solid intention, sound and focus on that which is outside of the self.

"That universal force who truly owns what I am able to only re-create, AllahuAleem.”

From Abdullah & Tania B (editor)