EST. 2020

Update: (3/15/2020) 21 Fortune Hills now powered and backed by the Audocs system. 21 Fortune Hills Records, eCommerce and more features accessories, merch and apparel.

Its been over 16 years since joining SESAC as a writer & indie publisher. A lot of things have changed in the music industry. I remember cashing those first royalty checks for a few thousand dollars. Extreme personal satisfaction for 10 years of work in the music industry. Around 2009, the checks stopped coming. My indie publishing company Urban Sufi Music, switched focus to physical records. Back to going store to store, Amoeba, Dimples and other indie spots in LA. Those turnaround trips from Sacramento to Los Angeles became brutal. And once again, the money became less and less. By 2015 I decided to kick it up a notch and move the label to LA. On the Wilshire side of La Cienaga, we found a nice little niche. Knocking out one of my best tracks under Bil Basmala, Late Night On La Cienega;

I became acquainted with the people down at the Grammy office in Santa Monica. Beginning a new trajectory for our Indie Music. We also got turned on to a nice manufacturing deal with a Chicago company, also located in Denver. After bugging our contact at Sony . The manufacturer agreed to manufacture and release stock we paid for. The checks where accurate and it looked as if we had found our groove.
Finally as we prepared to settle in, the checks stopped showing up. But the music was still coming out and selling. Bottom line, whether publishing or releasing digital or physical albums. Artists need money and the lights need to stay on. This is one factor that was never a problem growing up in the Northern California, Indie Hip-Hop world. It was simple, you work, you eat. There was never a problem with heading over to Amoeba or Rasputins and them taking units. If the units didn't sell, they wouldn't buy any more. Can it be that it was all so simple then?

I wrote this short to get my chops back, preparing to design research. But my blood pumps entrepreneur.

So today, 2/20/2020, I decided to let go of two brands and launch 21 Fortune Hills. Combining three things I like to do. Design, music & make merchandise.

21 Fortune Hills is not just a brand, but a building and a good feeling of being in a more natural setting.

Hello Worlds from 21 Fortune Hills, Malaysia